Addict Culture falls under Congo’s spell.

Rodrigo Tavares’ debut album receives a glowing review over at Addict Culture, the French arts and culture website.  You can read the whole review here (in French).

In the meantime, here’s a rough translation of the final paragraph:

"…if Congo seduces at first listen, it captivates the following ones, creating a world apart of beauty and incomparable sweetness, like a bubble, a cocoon enveloping you and protecting you from all external aggression. A soft, cool, simple and beautiful disc, diffusing it’s heat through a thick layer of heavy clouds, ideal to accompany the end of the winter and to enter gently towards the spring periods. A record between two waters (or rather two seasons) and the revelation of a talented musician who, we hope, will quickly find a way to compose a new album. In short, we thank Hive Mind again for this discovery and we will follow closely the next choices of the English label which, if he continues on this line, may well become one of the future major labels in world music."

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