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We did a cassette only mix of Moroccan music for the excellent Spool's Out radio show featuring a range of different Moroccan musical styles, from L’Hajja L’Hamdawya’s classic '60s Chaabi sound to the modern Berber folk music of Fatima Tabaamrante, which blends traditional instruments such as the rabab and banjo, with drum machines and autotune.

Dig in!

Here's the playlist:

Haj L’Houcine Toulali Beautiful Andalus music from this famous singer and lute player from Meknes

L’Hajja L’Hamdawya This is a fantastic ’60s recording of one of Casablanca’s most famous Chaabi artists featuring some mindbending Keyboard. Haim Botbol Botbol was a Jewish Moroccan singer from Fez much beloved by people across the country Essiham Tough, electrofied ’90s sounds from this group who are popular throughout the Arab speaking world El Mahfoudi This 2009 recording of lothar player Mohamed el Mahfoudi is a guaranteed party starter. Moulay Ahmed el Hassani El Hassani is from the High Atlas mountains and plays a guitar with seven strings. His music is absolutely mesmerising. El Houssin Amarrakchi Amarrakchi is an Amazigh singer and rabab (one string violin) player from Marrakech. This tune is from 2014 and features relkentless drum machine rhythms. Fatima Tabaamrante Fatima Tabaamrante is a famous Amazigh singer and champion of the underpriveleged from the Souss region. She’s released many albums since the ’80s and has recently become active in Moroccan politics. Groupe Khiwaniat Vintage recording from this obscure Casablanca group that features the well respected Gnawa musician Maalem Said Oughassal on guimbri, a full drum kit and some excellent banjo.

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