Jaipongan Music of West Java album cover
IDJAH HADIDJAH & JUGALA JAIPONGAN - Jaipongan Music of West Java


Vinyl LP & Digital

Indonesian music has enraptured ears across the globe for many years, and few styles hold such a colourful history and place in the hearts of the people of West Java as Jaipongan.

Hive Mind Records are excited to announce our latest release, a collaboration with Kai Riedl of JAVASOUNDS to bring you these superb recordings of one of Java, Indonesia’s most famed music styles of the 70s and 80s, Jaipongan. The album, recorded at the famed Jugala Studios in Bandung, Java in 2007, features the incredible vocals of Idjah Hadidjah, the country’s most iconic singer of the genre, backed by members of the Jugala Studios house band. The album comes with a second disc of reworks of the original tracks by boundary pushing electronic musicians from around the world, each offering a unique individual interpretation of the sounds they discovered in the original recordings.

Known for its rapid gamelan (gongs and metallophones) playing, angular and dynamic drumming, and erotically charged dancing, Jaipongan was invented by composer and choreographer Gugum Gumbira (1945 - 2020) in reaction to the Indonesian government's ban on rock and roll. As a form of rebellion, Gumbira took the core elements of a local, erotically charged harvesting ritual music and contemporized the sound by adding the gamelan instruments, dynamic drumming, the speed and urbanized subject matter of rock 'n' roll, and sensual dance moves that the dictatorship found just barely acceptable.


Disc 1: Idjah Hadidjah & Jugala Jaipongan – Jaipongan Music of West Java

  1. Hiji Catetan

  2. Sanga

  3. Senggot

  4. Sinyur

  5. Tablo Kasmaran Naek Gendu

  6. Tawis Soca

Disc 2: +Reworks – Various Artists

  1. Bana Haffar - +Reworks: Slow Hiji Catetan

  2. Bergsonist - Gameloan

  3. Lightbath – Insinyur Cahaya

  4. Sarah Belle Reid - Scintilla

  5. Signals Under Tests - Dualism

  6. Fahmi Mursyid - Salawasna

  7. Kai Riedl & Suny Lyons - The Millionth Motion

  8. Ultrabillions - Imaginary Rebab No. 4

The fresh instrumentation, romantic working class lyrical content and the promise of intimacy between men and women dancing to the music all helped Jaipongan sweep the country, uniting low and high culture on the dance floor and across the radio waves.

Hive Mind Records are proud to present these superb recordings of some of the most respected musicians in West Java. Idjah Hadidjah, a professional singer with Sundanese Shadow Puppet Theatres was approached by Gugum Gumbira in the early '80s and asked to sing with his Jugala Orchestra. Their collaboration was to last through the decade as she quickly became one of the country's most beloved
Jaipongan singers. The Javasounds recordings saw her reunited with both Bandung's famous Jugala studio, and members of its famed house orchestra for the first time in a number of years.